Chronic Back Pain Solved!

I recently treated a 78 year old a patient who had been struggling with back pain for 20 years, he could literally only walk a few yards before having to sit down and his pain filled his whole life. He really suffered wth this constant pain, no history of injury, solely wear and tear on the spine. He tried chiropractics and osteopaths with no improvement, also he went through the NHS for Physio numerous times with little results.

As pain like his progresses all types of analgesia, anti inflammatories and in the end neural inhibitors and morphine are tried by doctors, none helped. MRI’s revealed severe degenerative changes at multiple levels in the spine. 

He then progressed on to a spinal surgeon who injected his spine with cortico-steroids twice to no avail and then he went to the pain team who also carried out psychological treatments to help him cope with the pain. When the pain has been present for so long the pain patterns are physically imprinted in your brain. They also tried Nerve ablation (kind of burning the nerves away), also no help. 

He attended The Twyford Clinic and I gave him a full biomechanics assessment. He had signs of significant degenerative changes in his lumbar spine. All movements were restricted and he was in constant severe pain. I always check all of the other joints which presented as normal. So he had a very long history of chronic pain which creates underlying pain pathways and a clear mechanical restriction in multiple joints. 

Pain is a complex system, pain is dealt with at multiple levels, a noxious stimulus is transported via nerve cells to the spinal cord, thalamus and cortex.

These pathways can become laid down in your brain/ pain pathways in chronic pain and pain then becomes self perpetuating. My treatment blocks these pathways and re teaches the brain on how to stop the painful stimulus and pathway, literally rewiring your brain. 

I began a course of spinal mobilisations using specific modulations on how the mobilisations are administered, I also advised him how to stretch the spine to ease his pain. I also considered acupuncture as this works very well with chronic pain, however he responded immediately to the treatment utilising my hands on expertise. 

After a few sessions he was significantly and in his words he “miraculously improved” and he has referred to me as the Lord of Physios! I have maintained him with occasional sessions and now he can live a normal life walking for miles and has stopped all of his analgesia.  

Back pain affects nearly all of us at some point in our lives, 80% of people will be affected, don’t suffer in silence, call now for an appointment. 


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