WE ARE OPEN – updated January 2021

We would like to reassure you the practice WILL NOT be closed at this time. Physiotherapy services form part of essential health services, and therefore we will not need to cancel or reschedule any appointments. We will also be here to help with emergencies, so please do contact us via telephone or email.

We are following all the guidelines to ensure your safety and the staff here also.

We are offering initial remote assessments, these are required to decide if a face to face session is appropriate and indicated. When you call you will be asked some screening and assessment questions regarding your status and we can deduce whether we should proceed with virtual or face to face sessions.

As a Manual Therapist I am providing the most effective hands on treatment for you.

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Here at The Twyford Clinic, providing Winchester physiotherapy, we find the CAUSE of your problem and provide the CURE.

You will benefit from Phillip’s decade of treating elite athletes at Southampton Football Club as well his 5 years as an NHS consultant.

Specialising in sports injuries enables Phillip to look at the whole body and create treatments which incorporate all the body’s tissues to provide a cure for any patient. Back pain is a special interest and utilising Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Osteopath treatment techniques allows a multitude of problems to be successfully alleviated.

At The Twyford Clinic every patient benefits from this specialist knowledge and holistic treatment plan. Phillip uses the most up to date techniques will ensure you are treated like a Premiership athlete whatever your age, fitness or condition.

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