Back Pain, our progressive treatments to cure your problem.

Do you suffer with low back pain? Have you tried many solutions? Does it affect your life? We have the solution to clearing your acute or chronic pain. I have many years experience working with Premiership athletes, children (I was head of the Academy medical team for Southampton FC) and the general public (5 years as a Consultant Physiotherapist in the NHS). This wide range of experience has allowed me to develop techniques which find the cause to your problem. The CAUSE is the key, I see so many people who have had the pain treated but the problem reoccurs, I focus on what is causing your pain which then relieves the pain enabling a long term solution.


The most up to date techniques are utilised and I have improved on many of these with my vast experience. A main area I focus on is biomechanics, we have a gait analysis treadmill and I provide a thorough assessment of all your joints to ensure your body is moving correctly. If a joint is stiff this can cause the surrounding tissue irritation or another joint to move more to compensate therefore leading to altered biomechanics and then pain. Also if there is a muscle imbalance I address this with very specific exercises to ensure the joint is controlled.


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Sciatica is very common and this can be caused by a disc prolapse or a compression in the facet joints or a local irritation from the piriformis, I successfully address all these issues with my specialist techniques. Self help is useful so if you are experiencing back or neck pain heat will normally ease the spasm and find a comfortable position, that can be lying, standing, walking. People are often told keep moving with back pain, that is true but it should be qualified with keep moving but don’t aggravate your back.


I am an expert at solving your back or neck pain and I look forward to helping you return to a normal pain free life.

Phillip Wilson, Consultant Physiotherapist

The Twyford Clinic, 
Tel 01962 714 979