A shoulder injury can affect all age ranges and are caused by many factors. The shoulder is a very complex  joint and the are multiple biomechanical and traumatic problems which can occur.

When assessing a shoulder understanding the influences on the joint and daily stresses mean a cure to the presenting problem can be found.

Phillip has experience working with Premiership goalkeepers and international gymnasts as well as four years as an NHS consultant. He has extensive experience in treating all types of shoulder pain.

Physiotherapy aims to clear pain and normalise movement in shoulders, if there are restrictions in range they can be eased with specific mobilisations, if there are weaknesses or an imbalance they need to be addressed with strengthening programmes.

Common conditions include:

  • Impingement
  • acromioclavicular joint pain
  • Fractured collar bone
  • Rotator cuff tear or imbaalnce
  • Dislocation and instability
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Referred pain


Finding the correct cause of the problem will lead to effective physiotherapy treatment and long lasting relief of pain.