Do you have aching joints?

Are you stiffening up?

Do you have Osteoarthritis?

Here at The Twyford Clinic we can offer a solution. 

Hyaluronic acid injections (viscosupplements) are injectable agents which are used to treat the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

We use Ostenil Plus to give you long lasting benefit, easing pain, improving function and helping you get on with your life. 

The Ostenil plus is injected into a joint which normally has synovial fluid, the agent which works to help the joint lubrication is hyaluronic acid this has been linked with Mannitol which helps the hyaluronic acid work for longer. Multiple studies have demonstrated that relief can last 6 to 9 months and even longer in some people.

What is a synovial joint?

Synovial joints are surrounded by a capsule, there is a layer of articular cartilage which acts as  shock absorber and makes the synovial fluid which is an incredible substance – it is 3 times more slippery than ice. The main substance of synovial fluid is hyaluronic acid, this is made and replaced by the body, however when the joint has osteoarthritic changes the articular cartilage becomes damaged and can even have holes in it, this leads to further pain and degeneration and a lack of hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid in Ostenil Plus helps maintain the balance in the synovial fluid in the joint. 

This leads to: 

  • Reduction of swelling and pain in the joint. 
  • Improvement in the viscosity in the joint. 
  • Help with maintaining the articular cartilage.   

In a study in 2016 with a randomised controlled trial of patients (who didn’t have factors including obesity, severe arthritis, had had previous steroid injections and were over 65), 100 percent improved following hyaluronic acid injection treatments.

Which joints will it work on?

All synovial joints utilise the same synovial fluid and hyaluronic acid to maintain supple joints. Large joints respond very well to the treatment – knees, ankles, shoulders, and also small joints, e.g. toes and thumbs

When to opt for an injection

You will be assessed to see if Physiotherapy can help maintain the joints and given a programme of exercises or joint mobilisations. If this is not sufficient and you need an injection we can then proceed to give you a more comfortable future. 

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