BACK pain – how to deal with it early and live a pain free life. 

What to do when you experience acute back pain.

Most people suffer with back pain at some point in their life (over 80%) causing pain, restriction in activity and affect your  mood and sleep. Early intervention with physiotherapy has been proven to be the most effective form of treatment. We have developed many techniques to ensure your acute pain can be dealt with effectively to prevent a chronic back issue.

elderly man jumping

1 – Try and reduce the spasm  – use heat – hot bath, hot water bottle or heat pack. 

2 – Keep moving – within reason. Advice is to keep active, however it is important to listen to your body and especially in the first couple of days you need to keep comfortable to help reduce the pain, this may mean lying down, sitting, walking, swimming, whatever you find is comfortable. This is the key point – to MANAGE your pain with the correct amount of activity or rest. 

3 – Use painkillers – it is better to reduce your pains you can keep moving and the pain is prevented from becoming chronic. 

4 – Increase your activity as your pain does settle and will help you to return to full activity quickly. 

5 – Contact us at The Twyford Clinic and come for immediate pain relieving treatment. Phillip has many years of expertise and has developed many techniques to ensure your pain is eased as soon as possible. 

Phillip Wilson has a unique way of successfully treating acute and chronic back pain. Including spinal mobilisations, manipulations, acupuncture and individualised exercises which are the most effective way to help clear your pain. 

If you suffer with low back pain call today – 01962 714 979