Is your headache a pain in the neck?

Do you suffer from chronic headaches? If you do a visit to The Twyford Clinic (Premier Physiotherapy near Winchester) might be just what you need.

We regularly treat patients who had been struggling with almost constant headaches. Recently Mr C. presented with 20 YEARS of headaches, he had sought treatment from osteopaths, chiropractors and Physiotherapists all to no avail, he had seen neurologists, had cervical and brain scans which came back as normal. He came to us at the Twyford Clinic desperate for some relief. On examination he presented with blocked C 0, 1 and Stiff C 1, 2 (levels of the neck vertebrae). He worked in IT and was not very sporty, partially due to the headaches. We quickly got to work on both soft tissue and joint mobilisations. After only 2 weeks his headaches had eased significantly, after 1 month the headaches completely cleared and he has remained headache free since with occasional sessions to maintain his cervical spine mobility.


Research shows approx 47% of the population suffers from headaches with up to 20% of those being cervicogenic, this means the cause is not within the head, they can be caused by:

  • Upper cervical facets (neck joint vertebrae),
  • Cervical muscle trigger points,
  • Muscular imbalances
  • C2-3 intervertebral disc,
  • Degenerative changes in the spine,
  • Instability due to hypermobility,
  • Vertebral carotid arteries.
  • Trigeminal nerve irritation

Both males and females can suffer with the problem. Headaches are often blamed on hormones as they occur around menstruation but these presentations have been shown in research to also be caused by the mechanics of the neck.

We have found is that a full biomechanical and subjective assessment will allow us to diagnose whether your headache is due to an internal or vascular nature or as we come across so often it is due to the mechanics of your cervical spine.

Treatments include specialised mobilisations and if required manipulation of the joints, trigger point work with specific soft tissue mobilisation and acupuncture will release tight muscles and stability, muscle imbalance programmes are all used to provide the most effective Physiotherapy treatment, so when we cure you your headache is no longer a pain in the neck!

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