Premiership footballers require Premiership treatment. At the The Twyford Clinic we believe everyone deserves Premiership level assessment and treatment.

Sports injuries can occur for many reasons, it is imperative to understand the cause of an injury. Sports people come in all shapes and sizes, age ranges and skill levels. Athletes from all ages are catered for at The Twyford Clinic.

Phillip Wilson was the Head of the Academy medical team at Southampton Football Club for 4 years where he created a team to treat the stars of the future, these included Gareth Bale, Theo Walcott and Adam Lallana.

Promotion to work with the First team meant working at a whole new level and this has lead to a unique set of skills which can be utilised so everyone can benefit from Premiership Physiotherapy treatment. Read more about his work with Southampton Football Club.

Whatever your sport, whatever your injury; we can help.


If you have suffered an injury during your chosen sport this should be dealt with correctly from day one. Seeking the best treatment for an acute injury can lead to a full recovery in a much shorter time.

Modern methods employed at The Twyford Clinic can help you return quickly to be better and stronger than before you suffered your injury.

Repetitive Strain

Injuries can be caused over a long period with imbalances, posture, training methods, previous injuries, biomechanics all potentially adding their influence to create pain.

We specialise in sports injuries so your problem can be correctly diagnosed and treated efficiently leading to a speedy recovery.

Recovery is about being proactive in encouraging the body to heal.

  • Return to sport quicker, faster, stronger.
  • Improve your body with correcting muscle imbalances and strengthening weaknesses.
  • Ensuring joints move well, removing stiffness and reducing instability.
  • Minimise the risk of future injuries.
  • Maintaining your fitness whilst you are out of sport.
  • Rehabilitation with the most up to date knowledge.
  • Maximise recovery with tailored rehabilitation for your individual goals.