There are many causes for knee problems and they affect people of all ages.

If you have a traumatic injury our specialist experience with treating Premiership footballers will enable you to return to your sport, work and daily life as soon as possible. Rehabilitation can start from day one and we will guide you through to full fitness and strength. As part of our service full training sessions prior to returning to sport can form part of your rehabilitation.

Knee conditions 

Meniscal (cartilage) Tears

A common injury caused by twisting sports, commonly seen in footballers when they say he has torn his cartilage. This can occur in anyone even children if they put too much force and twist the knee or squat too deeply – especially with weights, this is an increasingly common injury where personal trainers are encouraging people to go deeper, harder and with more weights in squats and causing damage. Phillip has developed a unique technique on how to treat these specific tears (not available anywhere else). Specific mobilisations of the knee help the meniscus repair and settle – over 99% success rate in preventing operations. 

Patello-femoral joint

People of all age can suffer from knee cap pain. Mal-alignment is common. This can lead to wear and tear of the articular cartilage which if not treated can lead to a full thickness wearing away leading to bone on bone, so it is important to treat this condition early. Phillip has worked out pain free exercises to address this. 

Knee pain also affects non sports people and there are a range of degenerative problems, positional factors, muscular imbalances and biomechanical causes which influence the knee.

A full assessment will reveal the causative factors and affected structures leading to your problem and we will treat these and manage your rehabilitation to ensure a full recovery.

Treatment for knee injury or pain will:

  • Reduce pain
  • Decrease swelling
  • Improve pain free range of movement
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Improving balance and proprioception (awareness of limbs in space)
  • Enhance your overall fitness
  • Pain free with everyday activities
  • Speed up recovery and return to sport