NECK PAIN – pain in the neck? We can cure you.

Many people suffer form neck pain at some point in their life. The best way to deal with this is to address it early with help from a great physiotherapist like we have here at The Twyford Clinic. There are many causes and a full assessment will be undertaken to find the cause of your specific issue and cure it. 


Neck joints and discs

Age is telling in the neck, at aged 80, 100% of us have degenerative changes at C 5, 6. This process can start much earlier and affect us through our working lives. The disc height reduces and bone growth occurs which can lead to compression of the nerves and cause pain in the local muscles or down the arms. The symptoms are similar to disc prolapse where there is a herniation of the disc which moves onto the nerve and can cause a physical compression but also a chemical irritation which causes neuralgic pain. Ankylosing spondylitis is a degenerative disease which makes the whole spine stiffen up, but this can also be well managed with our intervention. 



This can lead to facet joint pain, these are the joints between the vertebrae where the nerve roots come out, offloading these structures offers very effective relief. 

People with degenerative changes are often advised that this is just the ageing process and you need to accept some pain. WE DISAGREE, osteoarthritic changes are absolutely treatable. We use specific spinal mobilisation techniques and offer advice on exercises tailored to your issue to help you maintain the improvements. 



Is common and is effectively dealt with early intervention. Multiple structures can be involved and damage has been shown to occur in the muscular and ligamentous structures from crashes even as slow as 3 mph. (Hartwig et al 2004, Pearson et al 2005)

Punjabi et 2006 showed significantly more damage was sustained when your head is turned to one side during an impact. So depending on your presentation rehabilitation will be specific to your needs.


Wry neck 

A spasm of the neck – often people wake up with this and it can occur from young children to all ages. It can be caused by multiple factors: a strain during activity – sports, lifting, mowing, painting, hedge trimming, often an activity the sufferer isn’t used to. A facet joint can become locked, muscular strain, disc prolapse and more. Factors such as age account for different structures which cause the spasm. We treat all presentations successfully with immediate action settling the offending structure when the cause has been determined with a full assessment.  


Headaches, migraines and jaw pain

These are often caused by upper cervical reduction in movement and degeneration. See also –

Many of our patients have previously suffered with chronic headaches, migraines and jaw pain and seen numerous physicians and other therapists before they come to The Twyford Clinic, where we have a fantastic record of curing the symptoms with targeted manipulation and mobilisation. 


Fibromyalgia and ME.

Over the last few years we have been developing techniques which address upper cervical blockages which affect the whole body. See –

All the information which travels to your brain and flows out to control body passes through this important upper cervical junction, if this is blocked the symptoms can be severe and affect people for years. We are successfully treating many people with fibromyalgia and ME with easing mechanical blockages and when they are free, so are you. 


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