Do you suffer with Chronic pains? This presents as multiple issues and affects from one to multiple joints in your body or leave you with a feeling of chronic fatigue and all over body pain. Chronic pain which is diagnosed as a fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue or ME symptoms are very interesting as I have treated numerous patients who have these and physical symptoms. I believe these presentations are commonly misdiagnosed so that the symptoms aren’t being treated effectively. When a patient attends The Twyford Clinic they are given a full biomechanical analysis, this can also involve gait analysis on our treadmill if needed. The whole system is taken into account and looked at in a holistic manner to work out the real cause of the presentation. I have found that on many occasions certain joints especially in the upper cervical region lead to chronic headaches and migraines, fatigue and pain. I have recently treated a lady who had chronic fatigue, pain all over her body and joints and pain in her jaw which had been constant for 15 years. Targeted upper cervical and occiput soft tissue treatment has cleared all the issues and she no longer takes medication, no fatigue, no pain, improved mood.
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A lady attended who had neck pain and headaches for 10 years, this presented as a multi joint dysfunction affecting one side of her neck, she suffered with headaches daily. I fully assessed her whole biomechanics and there was no indication of other joints being involved, after a course of specific spinal mobilisations. she is now pain and headache free. An article I have written regarding this is here –

Another patient who reported his issues in a great testimonial – he presented with 4 years of thoracic pain which hadn’t been addressed with previous clinicians concentrating on the Thoracic spine, I reviewed his whole biomechanics and diagnosed his hamstrings as being the cause of the pain, directed treatment on these cleared his problem completely after only a couple of weeks.

The feelings of chronic fatigue are common with people who attend when they have chronic pain. Pain affects sleep in many patients and leads to an overall fatigue, but it also then leads to low mood and can cause chronic overall body pain. If the upper cervical region is dysfunctional all these symptoms can be present, but they can be treated. I review to see which levels present as the cause of the issue and direct treatment with specific mobilisations or manipulation of the offending spinal level and exercises relevant to the problem. I have seen fantastic results and believe I can help many more patients ease chronic pain and fatigue. We have the solution.