Knee Cartilage (meniscus) tear – Unique treatments developed at The Twyford Clinic.

There are numerous conditions which can affect the knee. I have developed many unique techniques which are very effective at clearing all types of knee injury. Meniscal tears are one of the most common conditions which affect the knee and we can fix this.

Symptoms include

 – Locking of the knee      – Giving way      – Pain/ tender in the joint lines and posterior aspect of the knee      – Swelling around the knee      – Causing a Bakers cyst

The Knee carries large forces through our body and is an excellent design however commonly can be affected by the stresses we put through it. The knee is also affected by the stability or lack of in the ankle and hip/ pelvic regions. The knee can suffer Many issues which are often left to worsen but can definitely be treated. Sport is a major cause of meniscal tears and can occur even in very young children. The incidence increases with age and as we get older then we can also suffer with degenerative tears occurring in the menisci.

A Meniscal tear is a significant issue which can be addressed here at the Twyford clinic. 


This image demonstrates where the meniscus is found in the knee and the different areas. The red zone is where there is most profusion of blood, this enables the meniscus to repair if tears occur in this region. As we get older the amount of blood in this region reduces. In the white zone most tears occur and they are more likely to need assistance in the form of treatment to help repair the tears. 

Using the unique way of treating these injuries we we have developed we will help you recover to a pain free, sporting and normal lifestyle whatever your age, activity or injury.

Common knee injuries also include

Ligament strains      Osteoarthritis      Bursitis

Runners knee      Anterior knee pain      Patella tracking issues       

Osgood Schlatters      Muscular tears       Tendinopathies

We successfully treat all these conditions and offer full rehabilitation at The Twyford Clinic

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