Knee Cartilage (meniscus) tear – Unique treatments developed at The Twyford Clinic.

Whilst working at Southampton Football Club injuries to knees were very common.  These included:

Ligament strains      Osteoarthritis      Bursitis

Runners knee      Anterior knee pain      Patella tracking issues       

Osgood Schlatters      Muscular tears       Tendonopathies

One main issue was meniscal injuries or cartilage tears as they are commonly called. We had experienced a high number of these in the season before I was promoted to work with the first team squad. They were normally treated with an immediate scan and very commonly an operation. This led to a significant amount of time away from playing seriously affecting the squad.

I looked at the physiology and how we could treat this presentation, there was little in the research papers and treatment technique books. One player attended Marian Pahars – a prolific striker whom we need to play rather than have 4-6 weeks off. I decided to intensively treat him to return him back to playing without surgical intervention.

This image demonstrates where the meniscus is found in the knee and the different areas. The red zone is where there is most profusion of blood, this enables the meniscus to repair if tears occur in this region. As we get older the amount of blood in this region reduces. In the white zone most tears occur and they are more likely to need assistance in the form of treatment to help repair the tears.

I utilised mobilisation techniques which help promote perfusion of blood to the knee. I worked on these intensively with Pahars’ and after 2 weeks he was back playing with no pain. Over the next few years working with The Saints I continued to improve these techniques and now I can successfully treat a very high percentage of meniscal injuries and help people avoid surgery.

There are numerous conditions which can affect the knee. I have developed many unique techniques which are very effective at clearing all types of knee injury.

Using my unique way of treating these injuries I will help you recover to a pain free, sporting and normal lifestyle whatever your age, activity or injury.

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