Nerve Pain – A Solution

Nervous tension – Is it Causing your pain?

A significant number of people suffer with nervous tension, but I’m not talking about the symptoms of feeling of unease, but when it’s a physical pain. When you suffer a back pain, muscle pull, carpal tunnel symptoms, leg pain or any presentation of a musculoskeletal issue the neural system should be investigated.

The nervous system should move freely without becoming impeded. If there is a restriction or blockage of neural tissue this can result in pain either locally or be referred to another part of your body and also lead to restriction of movement.

As we always say in our assessments and treatments, we find the cause of the problem to provide the cure.

Adverse Neural Tension Assessment

A full review of your mechanical and neural assessment is undertaken to identify:
– Which nerves are affected.
– Where in your body the nerve is being impeded.
– What other structures are linked to, affected by or causing this problem.
– Neural tension can also cause hypersensitivity locally or globally (whole body) which will be identified.

Neural Tension Treatment

– Accurate determination of the causative factor will enable us to provide the best physiotherapy treatment to ensure a full recovery.
– Hands on manual therapy is used to normalise your biomechanics whether that is muscle, joint, ligament or bony strucures.
– Neural mobilisation or stretching exercises will be provided as required.
– A full rehabilitation programme is given to ensure the same problem doesn’t reoccur.

Which conditions are commonly caused by Adverse Neural Tension?
– Sciatica
– Neck pain referring into arms
– Carpal tunnel syndrome
– Shoulder and chest pain
– Groin pain
– Leg and foot pain
– Piriformis syndrome
– Plantar fasciitis
– Tennis elbow

Examples of successful treatment at The Twyford Clinic:

The spine is often thought of as the region where nerve pain is caused and this is true that a significant number of people suffer pain originating in the spine, however it can also occur when passing through muscles e.g. piriformis syndrome or be affected by scar tissue – adhering to a nerve. We have successfully treated a number of people who have suffered chronic low back pain, previous therapists had all concentrated on the back with little success, however on examination the back pain is reproduced and caused by abdominal scarring after operations which affect the fascia and in turn the nerves.

– We recently treated a lady who had been suffering with thoracic, shoulder and arm pain, she also presented with carpal tunnel symptoms. She had been referred and was waiting for injections or surgery on her hands with the NHS. Upon examination she had positive neural tension tests due to poor mobility in her Thoracic spine joints, She had No positive signs on testing for carpal tunnel syndrome. We began treatment with manual therapy on her spine in clinic and light neural mobilisation exercises and after only a few weeks she is now pain free and has avoided unnecessary surgery.

– An 18 year old man attended with 4 years of history of thoracic spine pain every time he played sport, he had sought treatment from a chiropractor and physiotherapist who had both worked on his thoracic spine where he felt the pain to no avail. Upon examination he presented with significantly tight hamstrings he only had a straight leg raise (SLR) of 20 degrees (normally 70-90 degrees), raising his legs reproduced the back pain. I treated him with active assisted stretches and PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) and a home programme of hamstring stretches. After 2 weeks he had an SLR of 70 degrees and he had returned to full sport – PAIN FREE (see the happy chap above). This was an interesting presentation as the distal tightness was causing the proximal back pain which responded amazingly well to the physiotherapy treatment.

– A gentleman had been suffering with 20 years of headaches and was at the end of his tether as he has sought treatment many times, Chiropractic, Osteopath, Physiotherapy, Neurologists, Doctors, MRI scans, nothing had been revealed and no relief of symptoms. On examination he presented with blocked upper cervical joints C 0, 1, 2 where your neck joins onto your skull. This was causing a neural headaches. With manipulation and mobilisation physiotherapy treatment he is now the proud owner of a headache free head, which after 20 years of problems made him want to kiss me, but I refused as he has a moustache!

For a full assessment which will find the cause of your problem and provide a tailored comprehensive treatment approach contact The Twyford Clinic.