Fantastic result with our full biomechanics assessment.

In this article we will demonstrate an example of a challenging issue a young patient presented with who had not found a cure in any other avenue. 

A boy of 10 attended with a number of problems his mother couldn’t put her finger on. He had poor balance as a baby, he had been advised he was hypermobile and had attended physio for years. He had avoided physical activity as a baby and around aged 3-4, then when he attended school would avoid sports. His family had been advised to avoid impact sport. This had led to a long term issue of not much physical activity which had affected his mood, educational development, focus and fitness. He was short of breath quickly in school sport. His family had taken him to see so many people but never got to the bottom of how to progress him.

Upon examination he presented with multiple muscle imbalances, left hamstrings and calf muscles were tight, he also had poor balance on the left side. Hips full range, spine full range, over pronation bilateral. He did not present as hypermobile. In a bridge position poor pelvic control. On single leg dips reduced range in the ankle and poor core control around his pelvis. 

Using multiple tests all these factors presented with a complicated array of issues but Phillip believed he could address and cure all the problems. The main issue was the lack of control of the sling system – specifically the anterior and posterior oblique systems. The sling systems aid with control of the body. Muscles fire and pull on the fascia (a ligamentous type structure) which interconnects different muscles throughout the  body. As this wasn’t firing well he couldn’t maintain spine and pelvic control, this then led to the body adapting shortening the left leg hamstrings and calf muscles to aid with stability. He was being asked to undertake movements (Sports) which he physically was not able and this has led to multiple physical and social issues. 

Within the first session Phillip had identified all these problems and with specific muscle firing techniques demonstrated that the muscles would fire if given the correct input. In the supine bridge position the patient was asked to pull against a resistance with his right hand – the specific angle was worked out and this then turned the sling muscles control system on. 

He was given a home programme of very specific exercises and stretches, but simple enough for a 10 year old to follow. Also he attended our clinic and Phillip progressed his treatment with each attendance. After a couple of months his physical development had taken leaps and bounds and he was much happier at school and could take part in sports with increasing skill level and fitness which has led to a rise in his confidence.

When you come for an assessment at The Twyford Clinic you will be undergoing a full assessment to ensure your treatment is a totally holistic. Using 23 years of experience assessing, treating and curing thousands of patients Phillip has developed a unique expert way of finding the cause of any issue and providing his very own self developed amazing treatment techniques to cure you.  

Do you suffer with an ongoing issue which hasn’t been addressed? If so please contact us for your comprehensive assessment so we can get down to the cause of your pain/ problem and cure you.