Give your elbow pain the elbow!

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Give your Elbow pain the elbow
Tennis and Golfers Elbow treatment
Many people suffer from tennis and Golfers elbow, these can be caused by multiple actions, but repeated loading is normally the problem, the clinical name is lateral epicondylitis and it is the tendons of the common extensor or flexor origins which become inflamed, or epicondalgia which means pain. Pain can spread down the arm but it is normally within a few centimetres of the elbow

The muscles are involved in the extension, supination and pronation of your wrist, repeated actions e.g tennis, hammering, shearing/ lopping of plants and decorating can all cause the problem. Once the inflammation has occurred it can become chronic and not settle for many months even after the trauma has ceased and healing of torn tissues occurred.

Physiotherapy treatment for Tennis and Golfers Elbow.

Research shows that physiotherapy treatment is the most effective treatment at providing lasting relief. We use a variety of techniques including:

Specific mobilisations to ensure correct biomechanics.

Mullugian’s mobilisations – an amazing treatment which addresses the proprioception in the joint.

Acupuncture for local inflammation relief and to clear trigger points in the muscles.

Home exercise programmes: so you too can help progress your improvements.

Neural techniques to ease adverse neural tension.

Specific soft tissue manipulation to normalise soft tissues around the joint.

Here at The Twyford Clinic near Winchester we offer these treatments and will  analyse your sports technique and review if there are any other biomechanical causes to your Tennis or Glofers Elbow. A rehabilitation programme is provided to help maintain a pain free outcome.

We find the CAUSE and provide the CURE.
Phillip Wilson, Consultant Physiotherapist.
Tel 01962 714 979


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