What makes us different at The Twyford Clinic

When you have a pain or injury there is a lot of choice as who to see, what type of therapist and which clinic, you need to make the correct one to maximise your chance of improving. We offer a specialist expertise which provides you with an individual assessment concentrating on the CAUSE to your problem which leads to treatment to SOLVE your pain.


Over 80% of our clients come through recommendation, this is a great compliment in itself as people are happy to recommend us after they have had great treatment and their pain cleared.

We are open full time and are fully dedicated to providing the best service with Phillip having 20 years of experience. This has been in a wide range of settings allowing him to develop an amazing range of skills:
Initially he worked in the NHS cementing his knowledge in Sports injuries, orthopaedics and neurology rotations. He returned to the NHS for 5 years as a Consultant Physiotherapist providing expert assessments, injections, referrals for MRI’s, Xray’s and ultrasound, always ensuring the patients gained the best treatment.

He was employed as head of the Academy at Southampton Football Club. He developed a team of clinicians and gained massive amounts of knowledge and experience in treating adolescents. He was in charge of prevention and treatment for all the children’s injuries aged 6-18 and this remains probably the most comprehensive amount of experience in all of Hampshire in treating sports injuries and growth pains for kids.

He was promoted to the first team at Southampton Football Club. When he arrived he implemented a preventative assessment programme which within the first year led to a 40% reduction in injuries. He achieved this by developing assessment of the whole body. Biomechanics, neural systems, muscle imbalances, gait analysis all figure in the path to your cure and the most up to date techniques are utilised.

There are many systems in your body which work together to ensure the most efficient and pain free movement. Many clinicians treat the pain however if the cause is not addressed the pain is likely to return. Phillips assessment focuses mainly on the biomechanics (Def: the study of the action of external and internal forces on the living body, especially on the skeletal system). The movement of the body can be affected by many structures and mechanisms. There may be a muscle imbalance – tightness or poorly firing region which will be addressed or a stiffness in a joint which will be loosened or a nerve pain which we can offload. Phillip will review you and will expertly diagnose what is causing your problem.

Our focus is curing your pain by addressing the cause of your problem.

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