Shoulder problems reviewed

Have you got a shoulder problem? Acute or chronic we can fix it for you.
There are many reasons people experience shoulder pain –
Injury – falls are common in all age groups and doing many sports.
Age – as we get older the rotator cuff degenerates and by our 6th to 8th decade nearly all people have some degenerative changes in the muscle and or the joints.
Children – many growth issues occur if a specific sports are played especially at a high level – eg hockey – I have seen many lop sided shoulders due to excessive training.

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The shoulder is a complex joint which allows an amazing range of movement but this also can lead to instability. There are four joints in the shoulder complex:

Acromioclavicular – the clavicle (collar bone) joins the acromium of the shoulder blade.
Glenohumeral joint – where the upper arm Humerus meets the glenoid cavity – a very open ball and socket type joint.
Sternoclavicular – the clavicle meets the sternum (chest bone),
Scapulothoracic – the shoulder blade and the ribs at the back.

There are many injuries which can affect the shoulder:
Subacromial bursitis
Rotator cuff tears
Labral tears – the cartilage around the glenoid fossa (socket joint)
Shoulder dislocations or subluxation (half out)
Fracture of the humerus or solar bone
Ligament sprains
Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis)

We successfully treat many injuries by assessing your biomechanics, neural system, spine and a comprehensive review of the joints and muscles. Treatment depends on your presentation so you will receive a holistic programme of hands on therapy and exercise programme. I believe in curing your problem so you can have a long term benefit and avoid reoccurrences.

Whatever your problem – We find the cause so we can provide the cure.

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