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Do you suffer with Chronic pains? This presents as multiple issues and affects from one to multiple joints in your body or leave you with a feeling of chronic fatigue and all over body pain. Chronic pain which is diagnosed as a fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue or ME symptoms are very interesting as I have […]

A great testimonial and a pleasure to work with.

Having undergone major quadriceps tendon surgery In June I contacted Phil with concern to rehabilitation. After the removal of my knee brace in early August I started to attend regular sessions with Phil. Despite the tendon being shortened by the operation procedure Phil managed to successfully developed a course of treatment in order to gain […]

Is your pain stretching you to your breaking point? Hypermobility.

Do you have an undiagnosed pain, ongoing back or joint pain which just hasn’t been addressed with treatments or advice from your physio, chiropractor or GP? Hypermobility may be affecting you more than you know. Here at The Twyford Clinic we see many patients who have chronic issues which have failed to respond to previous […]


Running season is upon us, as the weather is lovely and sunny now, well at least it’s warm. So here are a few tips to help you stay injury free and enjoying those massive hills around Winchester. When you are going to run, a lot of us think, okay I’ll stick my trainers on and […]