Back Pain – Keep warm and I can fix you

A large number of people experience back pain and spasms at some period in their life. Even the simplest of movements can cause a spasm and it feels like the back locks up. Here at The Twyford Clinic near Winchester we provide specialist physiotherapy including spinal mobilisations, manipulation, acupuncture, specific soft tissue mobilisation and deal with your chronic and acute back pain. When your back goes, many people have a shift sideways and this is often due to one side spasming and the body is trying to protect you from further pain.

Your feeling after treatment. 

The spine is a complex series of multiple joints between the vertebrae, there are situations where facet joints can become locked and need releasing or realigning, also they they can be sitting out of place due to a stiffness or a biomechanics problem . Here at The Twyford Clinic we assess to see where the cause of the back or neck pain is coming from. We address the biomechanics to return them to normal to help you with pain relief. Sciatica is often also experienced when the spine goes into spasm, this can be due to a disc prolapse (slipped disc) or radiculopathy (pinched nerve) where the nerve root is irritated by the spines’ position or due to degeneration in the Facet joints.

If you are experiencing back or neck pain we can treat you from initial onset or if you have a chronic problem. We will address the biomechanics of your whole body to ease your discomfort and can help with prevention and maintenance of your spine.

If you do suffer with a back or neck spasm try and relax the muscles with heat, hot bath, water bottle, wheatsack and keep yourself generally mobile, maintaining fitness and strength can reduce the likelihood of back pain, but it can affect all of us so if you do experience spine pain come along and see how we can help you.

Phillip Wilson MCSP, HCPC, MSC Inj, AACP, SRP. 

Consultant Physiotherapist

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