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I have recently signed up for the South Downs Marathon, this is in late June and I have followed a 12 week running programme as I already have a good base of fitness, running, swimming and cycling. It brings my mind to a lot of my patients who attend The Twyford Clinic with running injuries and how it badly affects them when they don’t run.

Any sports injury can restrict activities, I always attempt to help people back to training as soon as possible. Depending on the nature of your sports injury and which sport you prefer, there are always options. Each person is different in their presentation and their needs and performing exercise helps with both physical and mental health. Complete rest is hardly ever appropriate for injuries, even fractures respond much better to small movements, for example when a non union occurs and the bone isn’t healing vibration machines are used to promote the healing.

Depending on how long you have had off from training and the severity of your injury will determine your progress back to running. Preparation before your return to running is the key, I will ensure you have worked on any muscle imbalances, joint ranges and fully checked your biomechanics so they will be able to progress quickly. Comfortable walking then into a jog/walk will be the first stage, ensuring footwear is appropriate and preferably running off road as this reduces the stress on your body. If you can run and it is pain free you can progress quickly. If there is a distance which causes pain you will need to train below that.

Each person has individual needs and progression programmes, also cross training is very important, as I often say to my patients, ‘get fit to get fit”. Whilst working at Southampton Football Club I would treat an injury from day one and the rehab starts there. It was always my aim to return a player back to training in better shape than before they suffered an injury and I have maintained that ethos and will help you return to whatever aim you desire.

I have been reading about Paula Radcliffe and her return to recovery after an operation to repair an 18 year old stress fracture. Even The Queen of the roads had to start with 5 minute walks and build it up to The London Marathon which she will take part in on April 26th 2015. Her World record still stands after 12 years and she will be retiring after this race but as with most of us who enjoy the thrill, buzz, adrenaline of getting out there and pushing your body, even if it just a little fresh air, pound of those streets or over the hills, we know it’s great to run.

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