Injury – When to seek advice

We all experience injuries at some point in our lives, these can occur from a fall or a strain, pushing too hard in training or lifting or can occur without a clear reason. Any issue which does occur can either be dealt with at home with time and self management, however if you are serious about training and exercise early intervention significantly reduces the amount of time you are in pain.

If you suffer an acute injury you should rest for the first few days and use ice, after 3-4 days heat and ice can be used to encourage blood flow into the area with the healing substances being brought to help speed up the repair process. Early intervention reduces healing times significantly. Even in the first few days there are many techniques we use which optimise your recovery.

Chronic pains are also important to deal with as early as you can to avoid changes in the tissues and brain which can lead to ongoing pain. If you do go through the NHS pathway it realistically can take up to 6 months by the time you have waited to see your doctor, waited to see if it settles and then possibly been referred to physio. We can offer almost immediate appointments.

Being able to settle an injury is so important these days with the pressure of work and family, also if you are entered in a race or for example going skiing, you will benefit from immediate treatment to help settle your pain as soon as possible.

Phillip has worked with elite athletes for 10 years and as a Consultant for the NHS for 5 years developing a massive range of knowledge and skill in working out the best ways to help all kinds of injuries and his aim is to help you return to full fitness as quickly as possible.

There are so many factors which can be influential as to why you have suffered your injury. Phillip will carry out a full biomechanical assessment and thorough review to see which tissues are the cause to your problem and set to work sorting them out straight away.

Don’t let time drag on with your injury, the quicker we can deal with it the quicker you will see results and get back to a full, pain free and active lifestyle.

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