Gordon Strachan “That was a pain in bum”

When I was first team Physio at Southampton Football Club I was used to dealing with the player’s hip pain. They presented mainly with muscular issues around the hip and groin with overuse and tears being the main causes, there were also occasionally labral (cartilage) problems and bursa inflammation. This helped me build a large amount of experience in dealing with these elite athletes and progressing them quickly back to playing. 

Happy Days at The FA cup semi-final 2003

One afternoon Gordon Strachan sought my advice. He was one of our most successful and popular mangers. He had a long playing career, playing 635 league games, scoring a total of 138 goals so his body had taken some wear. 

He was having pain in the hip which was restricting his movement and had been advised he needed a replacement aged 53. He came to see me to see if I could help. After an assessment and this highlighted a significant loss of range, pain on all movements and positive tests for arthritic changes. There was hope though as I could feel that the deep tissues were restricted but spongy. I advised against an operation and commenced treatment, this included hip mobilisations up to grade 4 and a programme of stretches then strengthening. After only a few sessions he significantly improved, he was back to playing in the training games again with no pain and went on to years of his own hip without any surgery. 

I have taken all these skills and from my years as a consultant in the NHS and I have treated many patients with my unique skills and developed techniques improving their daily lives immensely.

A significant number of people will suffer with osteoarthritic changes in the hip joint. The ball and socket joint can become misshapen and grow osteophytes (extra bone) or weaken, this can lead to an alteration in the muscles causing an imbalance or inhibition of the muscles.

I recently saw a patient she is over 75 and had been struggling for years with hip pain, difficulty with going upstairs, the leg wold give way regularly, sharp pains and difficulty with sitting to standing. These culminated in putting weight on as she was less active and the pain was tiring her out. She is an artist and still painting daily and would like to walk regularly. An Xray 5 years ago showed no arthritis. 

On examination she presented with a gluteal cuff tear (the muscles in the buttock) bursitis and early arthritis. I treated her and she immediately gained relief, she reported it was the first time in years she could move without pain and after only a few sessions she became pain free.

We can effectively treat all types of hip problems – hands on physiotherapy is incredibly effective. 

Come to the Twyford Clinic and I will help you too with your hip pain. 

Phillip Wilson

Consultant Physiotherapist