Free Assessments for NHS key workers

I would like to thank all the NHS frontline staff and am offering a free assessment if they are in pain.

I am a Consultant Physiotherapist and run The Twyford Clinic near Winchester. I used to work at Southampton Football Club and want to offer something back to my community.

Since the Covid crisis I have changed my working practice. I am still providing assessments and treatment to people who are in severe pain ensuring there is no cross-over with other patients and fully cleaning the clinic each session. This is to help prevent them attending GP surgeries and A&E to protect our NHS. I also utilise remote assessments and treatments to help people who are suffering.

I am now offering a free assessment to NHS frontline staff and will be able to advise them on self help and how to ease their pain to help them continue to look after the nation.

This is the link to the remote physio page:

Stay healthy everyone
Kind regards

Phillip Wilson
Consultant Physiotherapist
The Twyford Clinic
01962 714 979